Parents' opinions

Parents' views on Frajda Kindergarten

When looking for a kindergarten for my children, I visited several and from the very beginning I could see the differences. Choosing Frajda 5 years ago, I wasn't wrong. Both my daughter and 2 years later my son, starting their educational adventure, came to the preschool with joy from the very beginning. Frajda's professional team leaves no room for doubt. Individual approach, listening to the child and its needs. Contact with parents at the highest level. Children feel at home here, apart from the educational aspect, their emotional and culinary needs are also satisfied (own kitchen with a super cook, not catering). A wide offer of additional activities, trips, culinary club and many others (it is impossible to mention them all) makes this place absolutely unrivalled.

I think that Frajda is special because the people who create it do their best to support parents in raising their children to be empathetic, wise, responsible and good.

Parents of Judith and Matthew.


Frajda Kindergarten is a wonderful place! The teachers are lovely, warm people, who can encourage even the smallest preschoolers who miss their parents to stay and play together. Children learn a lot and develop very quickly, and all this while having fun. The kindergarten offers interesting additional activities and attractive trips.

Frajda has a large garden where children spend a lot of time, which is a great advantage for me. The food is prepared on the premises and tastes good to all children who have no lunch :)

The kindergarten was tested on my two daughters :) so I can recommend it with a clear conscience!

Sylwia Jóźwiak


Frajda is a warm, family-friendly place. Here children are allowed to be children with all their expression and creativity. In addition, there are excellent, patient tutors. The cherry on the cake is the kitchen (on site!). Mr Piotr serves meals which even children with no appetite will not disdain.

Anna Sierańska


I have known Frajda Nursery School from the very beginning and currently my third child attends it. Why did I choose it? The answer is actually quite simple, although complex. Firstly, what the owners-directors do is passionate, with care for children in the first place, non-standard educational ideas and an absolutely individual approach to each child. Secondly, they listen to and understand the needs and problems reported by parents, e.g. I persistently ask to see a hygienist every year and to teach children how to brush their teeth properly. Thirdly, the atmosphere and friendships that remain. In each group I have met great parents with whom I spend time outside the kindergarten. Fourthly - "last but not least" - the wonderful in-house kitchen which has been run for years by the unrivalled Mr Piotr. "

Mum of Gosia, Gabryś and Antonia