Toddlers adaptation

Adaptation for toddlers in our nursery school

Adaptation classes for the youngest children together with their parents are held in August.

Adaptation is the adaptation of a child to a new environment, which is the kindergarten, to new situations and conditions. The moment of entering the kindergarten is a very important event as it is the child's first social experience and a great change in its life. There is a change of environment, people and rhythm of the day. Some children are curious about the new situation, while others are anxious, insecure and afraid to be left alone without their parents. Their sense of security is shaken.

Children vary in their level of adaptability. Some adapt easily, but there are also children who find it very difficult.

In order to avoid dramas big and small - i.e. dramas of parents and children - we propose the adaptation period, during which children and parents gradually get used to the new situation.