Additional activities

Additional activities


Learning to play the piano for children with an interest in music.


The Futurus Academy of Foreign Languages is a modern language school, which specialises in teaching foreign languages to preschool and early school-age children. It has many years of experience in teaching foreign languages to the youngest. The method it uses is "immersion in language". The child learns a foreign language in everyday situations when the teachers speak to him/her in Spanish. The child learns the language mainly through play, language movement games, music, learning songs, rhymes and expressions often used in kindergarten.

The classes are mainly based on their own teaching materials, as well as on the books Cuenta y canta una historia and the textbook Vale by Eli. Toni introduces children to the wonderful world of the Spanish language, ensuring great fun for all the little listeners.

CDs with traditional Spanish songs for children are also used in the classes.

Classes are held twice a week.

The age groups are from 4 to 6 years old.


Chess is the most popular game in the world, which has its enthusiasts in every country. For hundreds of years it has fired the minds of people regardless of their age, origin or religion. Chess develops and shapes the imagination in an incredible way. Chess For Kids" Chess School has created a programme which has been developed based on many years of work with children, experience and didactic approach. It is a unique program, thanks to which the child absorbs knowledge at a rapid pace while participating in various games and logical games. The programme is implemented in the way that children like best, i.e. by moving to a world of fairy tales, magic, huge castle fortresses where kings of opposing nations reign, and all this takes place in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Starting to learn to play chess has a comprehensive effect on the child's development:

by teaching logical and spatial thinking,
training memory, imagination, divided attention,
Developing positive qualities in children, such as patience, regularity, responsibility for decisions, diligence, self-discipline, perceptiveness,
developing a sense of combination and perseverance in action,
teaches to overcome first failures,
develop mathematical skills,
exercise eye-motor coordination, develop manual dexterity and dexterity improve learning outcomes,
are great fun and entertainment for the child!

Classes are conducted using an innovative method from which children derive maximum knowledge and develop their playing skills. The Ministry of Education has recognised the benefits of the "royal game" and is increasingly implementing the "chess in school" programme, declaring chess classes a compulsory subject.

Classes are held once a week.

Age groups: from 4 to 6 years old.


These classes last 45 minutes.

Robotics classes are fascinating workshops combining construction of robots, elements of computer science and great, creative fun! They allow children to turn their natural curiosity about the world into a passion for creation. The aim of the classes is to show that robotics can be an adventure, a hobby and an original, unconventional way of spending free time.

Using state-of-the-art Lego Education WeDo teaching materials, children design, build and bring to life robots, discover the fascinating world of technology, mechanics and robotics. During the classes, they can realise their construction ideas and use their unlimited imagination to create amazing projects.

Thanks to the classes, children acquire knowledge and skills, learn the rules of functioning of the devices working according to the pictorial instruction, which develops their logical, cause-and-effect thinking, creativity and spatial imagination.

Construction play with lego bricks develops manual skills and teaches them how to plan their work. In addition, children working in teams learn proper partner relations, which enhances their communication skills and ability to make compromises.

The robotics classes will delight every active child full of ideas and creative passion! Workshop participants build robots under the watchful eye of an instructor who helps and organises the children's work.

Classes take place once a week.

Age groups: from 4 to 6 years old.


Work on speech sound articulation disorders under the supervision of an experienced specialist. Speech therapy diagnosis of children and making test results available to those interested.

The classes assume the provision of speech therapy care to selected children
and speech therapy sessions are conducted in the kindergarten by a qualified speech therapist, advice and guidance is given, and speech therapy books are kept.

The classes take place once a week.

Age groups from 3 to 6 years.

SENSORS - sensory activities

The integration of the system of sensory organs is the basis for proper existence and the achievement of success in life